#704: Will Do

November 6, 2017


Adam and Drew open the show discussing a recent phone call that Drew had with his wife before transitioning to the phones and speaking to some listeners. They then turn to the phone and speak to a mix of callers starting with one who wants their thoughts on the idea that a Moana Halloween costume makes the five year old wearing it a racist. They also speak to a caller looking for advice on how to get his wife to commit to counseling. Superfan Sidebar >>

#703: Sex As a Weapon

November 5, 2017


Adam and Drew open the show discussing the story about Bill O’Reilly’s insanely large sexual harassment settlement from a few weeks back. They also talk to a few fans including one who is recently divorced and dealing with some depression as a result of it, another who is currently in his second year in college and questioning if its right for him. As the show wraps up Adam and Drew get into an interesting conversation about consequences. Superfan Sidebar >>

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#702: I Want You To Listen To Me, I’m Gonna Say This Again

November 3, 2017


Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the Harvey Weinstein scandal and how they harken back to memories of when President Bill Clinton was in a similar situation during his Presidency. The guys examine the infamous ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’ video and explore the fact that President Clinton was absolutely an effective liar, thus drawing concerns over any subsequent statements he makes. They also take a few listener phone calls as the show wraps up. Superfan Sidebar >>

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#701: Turn Around Dipshit

November 1, 2017


Adam and Drew open the show today watching and discussing a clip from a recent episode of HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ wherein Bill takes Democrats to task for overreaching on regulations. This starts a though-provoking conversation between Adam and Drew on what people on opposite sides of the isle really want. They then turn to the phones and speak to a variety of callers including one throwing some shade at Drew and another wanting to talk about methadone treatments. Superfan Sidebar >>