#608: Soap Box Derby

June 22, 2017

Adam and Drew open the show discussing Dr. Bruce’s performance filling in for Drew last week before turning to reminisce about the heyday of The Soap Box Derby. They also talk to callers including a fan who is wondering if she should tell her 12 year old twins they were conceived via IVF, and another who is cripplingly afraid of needles looking for help.

#606: Leave the Bullet in

June 20, 2017


Adam and Drew open the show discussing the trauma that one would truthfully endure if some movie scenarios were to really occur in real life. They also took some listener phone calls and talked a lot about Adam’s experience seeing Book of Mormon.

#605: Don Draper-eqsue

June 19, 2017


Adam and Drew open the show talking about how times have changed and examining the way that people dealt with some of the more shameful things back in the day. Drew also discusses his experience of ‘tunneling out’ of his childhood home and his experiences trying to go back to that environment thereafter. They also speak to callers including one wondering if sex addiction is a real thing and another who is concerned that she is taking too many prescription.