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#542: Got Over It

March 21, 2017


Adam and Dr. Drew go right to the callers and speak to a fan who is having trouble determining how to discipline his young child before speaking to a newly enrolled military member who is looking for ways to eliminate belly fat before he goes into boot camp. They also speak with a caller who went through a divorce and had his wife move his children away from him into a different state.

#541: Good Cop Bad Cop

March 20, 2017


Adam & Dr. Drew head straight to the phones in today’s show and open with a very interesting caller who has a child who recently told him that they were transgendered. The guys also discuss a recent epidemic Adam has been observing that has been driving him nuts in that people are refusing to listen.

#540: Tool Time

March 19, 2017


Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the recent premiere of ‘Adam Carolla And Friends Build Stuff Live’ on Spike and how some of the things Adam was expecting did and did not come to pass. They then take a trip down memory lane talking a bit about Adam’s first TV show ever before going to the phones and getting a surprise relationship call from a former Adam & Dr. Drew Show in studio guest.

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