#811: Carolla Works In Mysterious Ways

April 22, 2018

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing Drew’s ongoing affliction and inexplicable anger and frustration problems and how they’ve been impacting his life. The guys also discuss some recent time spent in Laguna Beach for Gary’s wedding before going to the phones and speaking to a variety of callers including one with a theory about Adam, and another who has an eating disorder and is looking for guidance.

#810: I’m Not Done Insulting Women

April 19, 2018

Adam and Drew open the show discussing some upcoming television projects that Drew is working on and Adam offers his advice to help Drew shape the format of said projects to play to Drew’s strengths. They then turn to the phones and speak to a young caller who is worried about the National Debt and wants the guys take on the issue. They also speak with a caller who is having a debate with his girlfriend about wether or not a hangover is caused by alcohol withdrawal.

#809: Potholes and A-Holes

April 18, 2018

Adam and Drew open the show by taking a call from Howard Stern show affiliate ‘Speech Impediment Man’ who is preparing for a fight with ‘High Pitch Eric’ and is looking for supplement advice from the guys. They also discuss the prevalence of drug ads today on television and Adam has Drew explain to him why there has been such an explosion in those ads before sharing with Drew one of his least favorite drug commercials leading to Drew explaining IBS to Adam.

#808: Public vs. Private Sector

April 17, 2018

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show continuing their conversation from yesterday about the difference between the public and private sector, and Drew relates it to a semi popular video of female rapper Cardi B. They then turn to the phones and speak to a young listener who feels that he is lost in his search for a rewarding career and also has questions about depression. They also speak to a caller who wants the guy’s take on psych medication and whom should be taking them.