#833: The Treadmill of Healing

May 22, 2018

Drew opens the show sharing his final thoughts on the dream he first brought up on Monday’s episode. They then turn to the phones and speak to a caller who was recently diagnosed with hemorrhoids and is trying to figure out what to do, another who is recently sober and is looking for advice from Dr. Drew on how to handle his relationship with his now passed mother. As the show wraps up, Adam and Dr. Drew discuss their feelings around the idea of guilt.

#832: The Ultimate Prey

May 21, 2018

Drew’s feeling better about his dream as discussed on yesterday’s show, so the guys turn straight to the callers and answer a variety of listener questions including one about mono relating to fatigue, another with a medical condition she thinks is related to smoking, another inheritance question and much more.

#831: Live Way Below Your Means

May 20, 2018

The show opens with Adam and Drew discussing a strange dream that he had recently wherein Adam fired Dr. Drew and how Drew reacted to that scenario. Adam also discusses the idea of firing someone and how he decides to take that kind of action. They also turn to the phones and speak to a few callers including one wondering what to do with an inheritance coming his way, another who is starting a new job and looking for Drew’s insight, and more.

#830: Give Me The Fortune Cookie Of What You’ve Learned About Life

May 17, 2018

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discuss some vintage toys from their childhood and how uninterested their children today would be in anything from their childhoods. They then turn to the phones and a caller turns them on to ‘Hello Groceries’ by Chase, a 70s gem that Adam & Drew have a good time breaking down. Adam also recounts to Drew and funny one two punch he suffered when trying to communicate with one of his guys.